Reds The potatoes that made the Skagit Valley famous. Our reds have smooth skins with white flesh. They are great boiled, roasted, fried, steamed or baked.  They are probably the most versatile and flavorful of all varieties.
Whites White potatoes are still extremely popular in many areas of the US and Canada. They can be boiled or steamed, fried, baked or roasted.

Golds are the rising stars of the spud world. With a unique buttery taste, they have golden flesh and are great baked, fried, mashed, or steamed. Like all thin-skinned varieties, they don't need to be peeled.
gallery-6 Purple potatoes are an exotic favorite. They are purple all the way through. They add color to any dish and are great roasted, fried, boiled or steamed.
gallery-7 Traditional russet potatoes. We grow russets organically. They are good baked, fried or mashed.