Our Mission and Values

Our Mission is to produce conventional and organic potatoes of the highest quality
for our customers and consumers. To provide varieties, packaging options, and sales services
that best serve the changing needs of our customers

Our Values


We believe that it is essential to be straightforward and honest with our customers, vendors,  employees and ourselves. Only with clear and truthful feedback can relationships succeed in the long term. When analyzing our own performance, we must be truthful in order to make progress and improve.


A business cannot exist without customers. A cornerstone of our business approach is forging strong  customer relationships by delivering on the promises we make and through timely communication. We want to be your most valued and dependable supplier.

Commitment to a Long-Term View

Since 1903 we have made our home in the Skagit Valley. Over the years we have learned that it is not enough to just do what works today. We must innovate in order to prepare for the future. When making decisions for our farm we take a long term view.


Our farm is committed to producing high quality potatoes and providing fist class service. We strive to maintain a state-of-the-art operation, and our approach to technological innovation and business adaptation is crafted to  meet the changing needs of  our customers well into the future.